What Does WYD Mean?


WYD stands for “What You Doing?” For instance, two people interact, one of them asks the other “What you doing?” and the other person replies, “Listening to music”. In other words, we use “WYD” when we want to say “What are you doing?” There are other ways to say the same thing. People say WYD when they want to say “Hows it going?”, “what are you up to?”, “how is life?”, “what’s up?” or “whats up?” After looking at above-given examples you must have some idea about the acronym WYD and where to use it. People use WYD frequently in text messages and social networking hashtags.

Question: What Does WYD Stand for?

Answer: WYD means Fear of Missing Out

Other Meanings of WYD

WYD – World Youth Day

WYD (what you doing?) is an acronym and slang word commonly used by teens and adults.

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