What Does BF Mean?


BF stands for “Boyfriend”. The term is commonly used in text messages. You don’t have to write the complete word “boyfriend” instead you just write “bf”. For instance, if you want to write “I have a boyfriend” in a text message, you can just write “I have a bf”. Who is a bf or boyfriend? A bf or boyfriend is a male partner or male romantic companion. BF can be used in sentences in several ways such as, do you have bf?, her bf is a cool guy, she has a bf, I saw her with her bf and they were having fun. This is how you can use the acronym in your text messages.

Question: What Does BF Stand for?

Answer: BF means Boyfriend

Other Variations of BF

  • BF – Best friend
  • BF – Black Friday
  • BF – Bigfoot
  • BF – Burkina Faso

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