What Does CTFU Mean?


CTFU stands for “Cracking The Fu** Up”. The acronym is used when you laugh so hard that you can hardly breathe. Still, don’t know where to use CTFU? Well, then think of it just like ROFL or LMAO. For instance, your friend tells a funny story or an extremely funny joke and you can’t help laughing then you use CTFU or LMAO. You can also say, “I was CTFU after hearing the joke”. In short, we say CTFU when we hear or see something extremely funny or weird that we can’t help laughing.

Example: Mike was CTFU after reading the joke. Or this movie is hilarious…CTFU!!

Question: What Does CTFU Stand for?

Answer: CTFU means Cracking The Fu** Up

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Other Variations of CTFU

Following are the variations of CTFU

Cheer the Fu** Up

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