DWU Meaning and Definition


DWU stands for “Don’t Wait Up”. You will use the acronym DWU when you are going to be late and you don’t want your mom or wife or someone else to stay up waiting for you.  DWU is just like a number of other acronyms popular on various social networking sites and text messages. Using an acronym like DWU saves character space and time of the user.

Question: What Does DWU Mean?

Answer: DWU Means Don’t Wait Up.

Acronyms, abbreviations and slang words are becoming increasingly popular especially among teens and young adults. You don’t have to write the full sentence “Don’t wait up” instead you just write “DWU” and other person understands what you mean or what you want that person to do.

It will not be wrong to say that social networking sites have played an important role in making such acronyms go viral. And DWU is also one of those acronyms that people use a lot in their social media posts and comments.

Other Meanings of DWU

Following are a few less common definitions of DWU.

  • DWU – Don’t Wait Up
  • DWU – Dats whats up
  • DWU – Done with you
  • DWU – Down with you

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