What Does LMAO Mean?


LMAO means “Laughing My Ass Off”. Generally, people use LOL where there is something to laugh about. But LMAO is next level of LOL. LMAO is used by many people when they find sometime extremely funny.

LMAO is one of many common words used in chatting, messaging, on Facebook and Twitter. You can find people using this Internet slang frequently.

Question: What Does LMAO Stand for?

Answer: LMAO means Laughing My Ass Off

Other Variations of LMAO

Following are the less common variations of LMAO

  • LMAO – Lick me all over
  • LMAO – Leave me alone, okay?
  • LMAO – Laughing my arms off
  • LMAO – Let’s make an oath

Laughter Online Acronyms

  • LOL – laughing out loud
  • ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
  • .:D – Laughing emoji
  • LMHO – Laughing my head off

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