On a Par With Sentence Meaning and Definition


In this educational guide, we will show you the meaning of “On (a) par with” along with sentence examples, usages, meanings and definitions on various popular online dictionaries. 
If any two people are on a par with each other, the meaning is they are equally important whether good or bad.

Question: On a Par With Sentence Meaning and Definition

Definition of on (a) par with:

Answer: On a Par With means at the same level or same standard as

Other Examples

Following are the examples of “on a par with “

  • His math intelligence is on a par with the best mathematicians.
  • Today’s temperature is on par with 2010 record.
  • My cooking is on a par with the best cooks in the world.

nearing words “on (a) par with”

  • on everyday basis
  • on another line
  • on (a) par with
  • on a different level
  • on appeal
  • on a moving basis

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