What Does OOTD Mean?


OOTD stands for “Outfit of the Day”. Users of social networking sites like Tumblr are familiar with the acronym. Besides, you can also find the term OOTD on many fashion blogs or fashion related sites and pages where people use the acronym to show their outfit to others. You can post a picture of yourself to show others what you have worn today and the picture will have caption “OOTD”. If you don’t post a picture, then you can just write like “Here’s my OOTD, I am wearing blue jeans and white t-shirt”. Fashion magazines also use the acronym to show their best outfit.

Question: What Does OOTD Stand for?

Answer: OOTD means Outfit of the Day

Other Variations of OOTD

Following are the less common variations of OOTD

  • OOTD – Out of the darkness
  • OOTD – Offer of the day
  • OOTD – Order of the dragon
  • OOTD – Out of the dust

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