What Does SOS Mean?


SOS stands for “Save our souls (help)”. In online world, people use SOS to send help signal. They also use SOS in their posts and comments for fun or to create an element of humor in their messages. We use SOS when we want someone to come and get us out of the situation (trouble situation) we are in. People also use SOS to say “Save our ship”. It is a distress signal which originally looked like (…—…). You can see three dots, three dashes and then three dots again. They are not even separated by commas.

Those who are familiar with International Morse Code know that three dots form S and three dashes form O which make it SOS which is also easy to pronounce as compared to the original Morse code distress signal (…—…). Most of the signals in Morse code use eight elements but SOS uses nine elements making it easier to be recognized.

Question: What Does SOS Stand for?

Answer: SOS means Save our souls

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Other Variations of SOS

Following are some of the variations of SOS.

  • SOS – Save our souls (help)
  • SOS – Save Our Ship
  • SOS – Send Out Succour

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