What Does TBH Mean?


TBH stands for “To be honest”. It is a frequently used online acronym. People use TBH when they try to be honest about something that is weird or awkward.  Users of social networking sites are familiar with the term TBH. Facebook and Twitter users use TBH to express honestly how they feel about a particular person or post. For instance, you post a comment or picture that invites people to express how they feel about it. And then people start commenting on the picture or post such as “TBH I don’t believe this”.

Question: What Does TBH Stand For?

Answer: TBH stands for, To be honest

A comment starting with “TBH” can be used in positive comments as well as negative comments. If you don’t like a picture or post then you may comment something like “TBH, I didn’t expect this from you”. In another situation when you like a picture or post then you may comment something like “TBH, I am really happy to see you grow”.

You will be surprised to know that TBH is becoming extremely popular and there is also a TBH app, a TBH blog, and a TBH App Facebook page. People use TBH app to know what other people actually think about you.

The meanings of TBH remain the same on all the popular social networking sites as well as text messages. People, especially teens and young adults, frequently use the term in their conversations.

Other Meanings

As stated earlier, the meaning of the acronym remains the same on most of the social networking sites. But, there are other meanings of the acronym, not very common, though. Those meanings are

  • TBH – To be hated
  • TBH – The Black Hand

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